Hewn from mountains and quarries all around the globe, DeGante Stoneworks is your link to having a small piece of Mother Nature’s magnificence brought to your home.

Each piece is inspected, shaped, molded, and polished, bringing life and essence to its finish. An end product is delivered with expert dedication, passion, and refined technique… a work of art designed for those who value an exquisite and higher sense of lifestyle and culture.

DeGante Stoneworks takes the time and patience required to ensure quality and that client personal tastes are matched in every step of the fabrication and installation process.

We represent values that have true relevance in a world of continuous change, timelessness, durability, and tradition. In an ever-changing industry in shapes, ideas, styles, and colours, DeGante Stoneworks remains constant in their focus given to complete customer satisfaction.



With great pride and passion, DeGante Stoneworks is committed to meeting our client’s needs and expectations in bringing the highest levels of detail in service, selection in stone quality, variety, and Master craftsmanship given to the final product.



Thank you for your interest in DeGante Stoneworks!

We are pleased to be serving our clients in all of New Brunswick with state of the art technology in fabrication techniques, highest quality and styles in product type/colour/finished selections and ease of product flow from our customer’s initial show room visit through to installation day.

We specialize in the supply, fabrication, and installation of marble, granite, quartz, neolith, and other stone. Our product and services reach out to market demand in both the residential and commercial sectors. We offer both conceptual and delivery in design and product choice for interior and exterior living space.

Our product and service fills demand in the following areas but are not limited to:

  • Kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, backsplash
  • Fireplace surrounds, floor thresholds, custom trim, and accessories
  • Bathroom and shower wall systems




Sales, client service in custom design/product choices, and full project management. Leticia brings 30 years experience as owner/operator of businesses both in Canada and abroad.


Local businessman with 30 plus years of experience in practical industrial and manufacturing application. Technically proficient in installation of all types of stone both with interior and exterior application.